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Cosmetic Dentist ManhattanManhattan Dentist specializing in making your smile dazzle: Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Colored Fillings, Inlays and Onlays, Dental Implants, Dental Bridges, Dentures and Invisalign.

Life seems so much better when you have a great smile. If you’re like most people, your smile could use some improvement. Cosmetic dentistry is a way to get the smile you want.

Dr. Genevieve Fernandes, an NYC dentist, provides the following Manhattan cosmetic dentist services:

best cosmetic dentist in Manhattan

Dr. Fernandes is one of the best Cosmetic Dentists in all of Manhattan.

  • Dental fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dentures

Dental Fillings

The Upper East Side Dental Studio considers the oral health of their dental patients, and offers tooth-colored dental fillings. These types of fillings are preferred by Upper West Side dentist patients because they look very similar to natural teeth.

When you laugh or yawn, no one will  notice that you have dental fillings. Dr. Fernandes, one of the best NYC cosmetic dentists, prefers these types of fillings because they off her dental patients a durable and resilient filling. This means that they will have a long life, as long as you maintain good oral hygiene. If you have existing dental fillings that you would like replaced, Dr. Fernandes can handle this too.

Dental Sealants

Your teeth all serve specific purposes, depending where they are located in your mouth. Your molars and premolars are located in the back of your mouth and are designed to chew your food in preparation for digestion. Because of the purpose they serve, these teeth have grooves.

Unfortunately, their unique design makes them difficult to clean and predisposes them to tooth decay. Dr. Fernandes, a leading dentist in Manhattan, can add sealants to give your teeth for an extra form of protection. Sealants can last for several years. Although they act as dental protection, you should continue to take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing on a regular basis.

Porcelain Crowns in Manhattan NYC

Sometimes a tooth has endured too much damage to be restored, but not so much that it porcelain crowns Manhattan NYis a candidate for extraction. Examples would include broken or decayed teeth. A crown is also a common final step of a root canal treatment.

In these cases, NYC Dentist Dr. Fernandes will usually recommend adding a crown to the tooth. A crown is long-lasting and offers a tooth protection from further damage or injury. Since a crown mimics a tooth in color, shape, and size, they are also an aesthetic alternative for dental patients.

Dental Bridges on the Upper West Side

cosmetic dentist central park

Modern dental bridges look and feel incredibly natural.

Dr. Fernandes is a NYC cosmetic dentist who offers her dental patients an opportunity to replace multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges are a great option from an oral health perspective. Having multiple teeth missing can contribute to your teeth becoming misaligned and jaw problems.

Since a bridge is secured in place, the teeth that were out of place will slowly return to their natural position. In addition to correcting the position of your teeth, a bridge can also improve your facial structure.

Dentures in Manhattan, New York City

Dr. Fernandes offers four types of dentures: full, partial, traditional, flexible, and valplast. You can probably guess that full and partial refer to the amount of coverage that is needed. This is the basic difference in these two types. They also differ in how you wear them.

cosmetic dentist Central ParkPartial dentures require a support that is connected to the remaining teeth. You can choose between removable or permanent partial dentures with our Upper East Side cosmetic dentist. Full dentures are removable or can be mounted for a permanent fit.

Flexible dentures are the latest innovation for replacing missing teeth. The name says it all for these types of dentures. These dentures are light and thin, yet very durable. They have a transparent coloring that allows your natural gums to show through.

Flexible dentures are held in place with a resin coating that Dr. Fernandes will apply to the base of the dentures.  Valplast dentures are for people who want to replace a few missing teeth. This type of partial denture is similar to the metallic type, but is made of nylon. There are snaps on the ends of these dentures to connect to your remaining teeth.

There are several benefits associated with valplast dentures, including they are near transparent, virtually unbreakable, and are less susceptible to accumulating bacteria. Ask our cosmetic dentist in Manhattan which dentures are right for you!                         

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